By Kruger Engelbrecht on September 8, 2019

Anonymous and secure email correspondence

If you are concerned about the level of sensitivity of the information in your possession, or the nature of the instruction/s, we offer a fully encrypted and anonymous email correspondence process and work flow.

Please take note that attaching and sending documents via normal email is not a safe and secure manner of transmission. Although this may be acceptable for sharing general files, anything of value shouldn’t be sent by normal email. It is very easy for savvy hackers to intercept messages and even take over email accounts. Also, the potential risk for exposure through lost and stolen mobile phones should not be underestimated. People have their email accounts accessible and logged-in on their mobile devices and if the device gets lost, all information on it is compromised.

You may send us a message at and we will call you back and arrange for authorization and authentication details on how to use the encryption service for future secure correspondence between us and such parties as you may need to add to the correspondence.

Any information marked by you as restricted or highly confidential will only be kept in hard copy and stored off-site.

There are additional costs involved in treating highly confidential or sensitive information.

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